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so we went to Marineland today and if you don’t think this is the cutest thing ever you need to think again 🐳

Oh my god, is that the same papilloma virus that Keiko had?!
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Afraid I can give no diagnosis from an image so I looked and belugas can contract papilloma virus X X However not in the same form as only gastric is noted - So i’m assuming this beluga is unlikely to have the same disease as Keiko. 

But I will reblog to see if anyone has any further information for you.

This is just a beluga calf in the process of shedding its skin.

Yup, quite normal. Baby belugas look like little scarfaces as they grow so fast and lose their dead skin.

evolzootion and tursiops-leucas are exactly right… this is just a normal beluga calf shedding skin. They all do it a bit differently, some look like patchwork, some look like Frankenstein (pecs one colour, face one colour, flukes one colour lol), and others look like this. He’ll even out in no time :)


Tofino by Jennifer Stuber on Flickr.

Tofino is one of MarineLand’s larget male beluga whales, it is weird that they would place him at King Waldorf theatre with the barren Charmin, considering that they have a limited supply of acquired male genetics.

Limited supply of male genetics? They have more breeding males than they can use lol… Tof is a great fit up front, and was a perfect choice for Charmin as the two get along brilliantly. 

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